Think owning a franchise is the end of the road? Don't worry, Bacon Brothers stick together and we'll be with you every step of the way.


  • As your Bacon Bros. Public House grows, it is important that we maintain a consistent brand identity and that we distribute our story to the largest audience possible. To that end, we have partnered with Atlanta-based communications firm Green Olive Media. Each Bacon Bros. Public House will have a marketing strategy to help support sales initiatives, introduce new concepts to market, and continue to promote the Bacon Bros. brand.

The marketing strategy will include:

  • New restaurant openings

  • Media relations for local and regional publications

  • Development of unique, seasonal stories

  • Ideation for compelling, in-house special events and promotions

  • Selection of local and regional off-premise events for participation

  • Development of one social media campaign per quarter

  • Email marketing

  • Copywriting and graphic design assistance for any necessary promotional materials


We'll also help you with: 


2.) Development Assistance


3.) Real estate site location assistance


4.) Architectural and construction guidelines


5.) Opening team

  • Onsite team for your first 10 days of opening to help you through the exciting grand opening process


6.) Menu Development

  • Food: Lead by Director of Culinary Operations, Anthony Gray, our culinary team is constantly on the move to create innovative and exciting dishes that keep you ahead of trends while structuring the menu around the Bacon Bros. staples your guests have come to expect.

    • Bacon Bros. Public House was founded in part with a commitment to support local farmers in our community. We believe that at the backbone of delicious food is authentic ingredients, and that your community is central to your success. We will connect you with farmers in your area so you can source the freshest local produce, ensuring that your menu capitalizes on the best your region has to offer. We’ll release quarterly menus, tested first by Anthony in our flagship store.*

  • Beverage: The wingman to great food is an expertly-curated bar program. From a dynamic wine list to craft beer and cocktails, our team of sommeliers and mixologists will advise on product inventory, recipe testing and staying ahead of industry trends. Our Beverage Director, Gabriel Ayers and the Bacon Brothers Food Group team will train on seasonality, food menu pairings and help you increase your buying power to keep prices low.

*Will possibly have an allowance for local specials


7.) Training

  • Initial: There’s nothing quite like being part of the Bacon Bros. family. Our standards for quality are at the core of who we are and are a big part of why we have been successful. We want to set you up to make the biggest splash in your community by developing talent at each Bacon Bros. Public House location.

  • Ongoing: Training doesn’t stop once you have opened. Continuous training is one of the biggest challenges franchisees face, and we are here to help set your business up for success by providing ongoing support and coaching to your team. Our goal is to help you enhance performance of your team to deliver the best food and service possible.

Have any other questions or concerns?

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